Grow in the dark valve caps
Grow in the dark valve caps
Grow in the dark valve caps

Grow in the Dark Fluorescent Tire Valve Caps – Total 5 Caps

$ 19.99

Grow in the Dark Fluorescent Tire Valve Caps .
It comes with 2 color of your choice Blue or Green
It comes with set of 5 caps
This tire valves cap is designed with luminous material
Internal Rubber O-Ring are included to avoid air leak.
It fits on all car with universal size.
When the car is driving the wheel tire caps will form a cool aperture, your car will generate a unique and luxurious appearance, stylish and dazzling.
When installing for the first time, please shine a light or sunlight on the tire valve for 10-15 seconds to make it work better at night.
Easy Installation.

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green tire caps/Blue Tire caps Add some excitement to your car’s safety and style by adding our Glow in the Dark Fluorescent Tyre Valve Caps, which will light up the night. You may choose between two eye-catching colors for this collection, which includes five caps: blue or green.


  • cool valve stem caps 5-piece set
  • The choice between Blue valve caps and green valve stem caps
  • Luminous substance for an alluring radiance
  • Included inside Rubber O-rings to stop air leaks
  • valve stem One-size-fits-all automobiles
  • When driving, produces a cool aperture effect.
  • Gives your car an exquisite and distinctive look.


– Increases safety and visibility in low light
– Tire Cap Simple installation for a rapid change in look
– Change the look of your car for a chic and eye-catching effect.
– With its eye-catching design and practicality, the Grow in the Dark Fluorescent Tyre Valve Caps will enhance your driving experience. With each turn of the wheels, turn heads and make a statement as you elegantly illuminate the road.


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